Faith and Tradition are the pillars that our work is based on.

About me

I was born in 1950, in Nikaia, Piraeus. Growing up, I realized that I’m inclined towards art. Having a true passion about it, began my journey into the Sacred art of Byzantine Iconography by taking my first art lessons in 1963, in the workshop of painter and iconographer Stamatis Papastamatiou. Continuously evolving, I became a professional iconographer.

In 1980, along with other respective fellow iconographers, we founded the Panhellenic Iconographers Association, having an active role in it’s creation and establishment, fighting for the rights of professional iconographers in Greece. For my contribution and dedication to the Association, I was honored to be elected by my colleagues in various positions.

  • 1980 – 1987 : Member of the Association’s Directive Board
  • 1988 – 2000 : General Secretary of the Board
  • 2000 – 2004 : President of the Association
  • 2004 – 2008 : General Secretary of the Board
  • 2008 – 2012 : Vice President of the Association
  • 2012 – 2013 : President of the Association

Since then, I continue to be an active member of the Association, while been elected in the Association’s Directive Board as a member since 2016.

Participation in events and other activities

As a professional iconographer, throughout the years of my career, I’ve participated in various events and many exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. Other activities also include :

  • been a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, from 1996 till today.
  • been a member of the Tax Office of the 4th department of decorative Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and member of the primary judgment committee, from 1996 till 2000.
  • Director of Studies and art teacher at the School of Icon painting of Metropolis N. Ionia and Philadelphia “The Evangelist Luke”, from 1997 till 2012.
  • honored by Panhellenic Iconographers Association, for my offer to the Association with commemorative plaque.
  • Participated in various ClergyLaity Assembly events, as an Exhibitor, since 2006.

Churches iconographed

Working as a professional iconographer, since 1970, I’ve completed various projects in many churches and private churches in Greece, USA, Canada, South America, England and Jordan.

Churches in USA & South America

  • Saint Demetrios Church, Chicago, IL
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Ohio
  • Saints Konstantine & Helen Church, Indiana
  • Saint Nektarios Church, Palatine, Chicago, IL
  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Modesto, CA
  • Saint Nicholas Church, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Saint Spyridon’s Hellenic Orthodox Church, Palos Heights, IL
  • Saint George Church, Aurora, Chicago, IL
  • Saint Stefanos Church, Tampa, FL
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Caracas – Venezuela
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Panama City – Panama
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior, Rye, NY
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Orlando, FL
  • Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, Long Beach, CA

Churches in Greece

  • Saint Nektarios Church, Neo Irakleio – Athens
  • Saint Spiridon Church, Nea Ionia – Athens
  • Saint Konstantine & Helen Church, Nea Ionia – Athens
  • Saint Andreas Church, Oropos
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Pallini – Athens
  • Saint Catherine’s Church, Pallini – Athens
  • Saint Irini’s Church, Xanthi
  • Church of the Pentecost, Xanthi
  • Church of Virgin Mary’s Birth, Nikaia – Athens
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Ekali – Athens
  • Saint Demetrios Church, Petroupoli – Athens
  • Rise of the Holy Cross Church, Athens

Why choose us

  • We have the quality and expertise gained over 54 years in byzantine iconography.
  • We serve and honor the Tradition of the Sacred art of byzantine Orthodox iconography
  • Our work is entirely made by freehand and always is original in it’s design, you won’t find the same themes and drawings anywhere else.
  • We use lively colors and create special shades that suit the lighting of any Church and are resting it’s flock.
  • The iconography is made exclusively by hand, entirely by us.
  • We abide by the agreement we do with you in full.
  • We are always on time in church and finish the job that you assigned us before the agreed delivery date.
  • Our price list is very good and we can be quite flexible in them.
  • We don’t see you as clients, but as friends.

About our work

The Icons that “by divine economy” we create, are always in accordance with the Byzantine iconography Tradition. We try to paint unique designs, because we know that countless believers will deposit their prayers and their distresses.

Our artwork is based in the Macedonian school (13th – 14th Century). The main representatives of that school were Manuel Panselinos and Michael Astrapas, so that’s why our work is mostly characterized by it’s specific color, along with bright tone & grandiose composition. The faces and clothes are widely illuminated with inner spiritual light, drawn always strictly according to Tradition.

The materials we use are mineral powders, mixed with an acrylic adhesive on a cotton canvas of the finest quality and prepared by us. In our workshop, we carefully study all of the aspects of the project at hand and areas that will be painted, in order to perfectly fit to the required dimensions. The final finishing touches are done locally, based on the architecture and the Church’s illumination.

A total of


Years of Experience

Created more than


Successful Projects

More than


Churches iconographed
(in part or whole)

Used more than


Brushes of
various sizes

More than


m2 of Canvas area
used and placed



Flight hours spend
in 106 trips abroad

Our Team of artists

Skillful and experienced iconographers that are capable
to undertake any project of any size.

Expert iconographer and Team Leader

Founder and Senior iconographer of the workshop

Professional iconographer,

Co-worker of Dimitrios Mourlas since 1997

Project completion stages

01 - the meeting

We visit the church and have an initial meeting with the church’s committee, to talk about the project at hand.

02 - measurements & photoshoot

We proceed to get the exact measurements of the area of the church that the project will be based on, as well as several photos of it that will be used to make a virtual model.

03 - planning process

Upon returning to our workshop, an extensive planning of the project is made as well as the creation of the virtual model that shows how the project will look like when finished.

04 - planning cooperation & decision

We finalize the the project model and send it over to the Church’s Committee, for briefing and decision.

05 - project discussions and offer

If need be, we visit the Church again and meet with the Committee for further discussion and project planning analysis, presenting our thoughts about how it should be executed, as well as making our financial offer.

06 - final arrangements & contract

Following the agreement, after not being objected by anyone from the Church’s Committee, a final contract is made (stating our financial offer,  a detailed reference of what will be included in the project, as well as the date that it will be finished), signed from both parties.

07 - advance

A deposit of 1/3 of the amount agreed is made to us, upon the beginning of the project.

08 - project development phase

Based on the project planning, model and final arrangements agreed, the iconography project starts developing.

09 - installation phase

After the completion of the whole project in our workshop, it’s installation and finishing touches are made in the Church, with the required scaffolding already being arranged by the Church’s Committee.

10 - project completion & payment

When the project is finally completed and installed, as written in the contract agreed, the final payment is made.