Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Still got questions for us ? Here’s some answers to most common of them. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What kind of materials do you use ?2022-02-09T16:02:56+00:00

The materials we use are mineral powders, mixed with an acrylic adhesive on a cotton canvas of the finest quality, in order to achieve bright and lively colors, as well as create special shades that suit the lighting of any Church.

Is the iconography being painted directly on the wall ?2022-02-09T16:02:03+00:00

In general, it is not safe to paint directly on the wall and that’s why we don’t use that technique. Instead, to ensure the highest quality available as well as the longevity of the iconography placed on the wall, we design and paint on cotton canvas of the finest quality and specifications, being prepared by us in our workshop.

Are you actually the ones that paint the icons ?2022-02-09T16:00:11+00:00

Yes, every part of our artwork, every design and brushstroke is made entirely by us.

What’s the location of your workshop ?2022-02-09T15:57:26+00:00

Our workshop is based at 4 Parnithos St., in Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece.

How many people does your team have ?2022-02-09T15:53:22+00:00

Our Team consists of Dimitrios Mourlas (Master iconographer, Team Leader & Senior iconographer of the workshop) and Roula Degaiti (Expert iconographer & Co-worker of Dimitrios Mourlas since 1997).

How many years of experience do you have ?2022-02-09T15:38:41+00:00

We have the quality and expertise gained over 54 years in byzantine iconography.

When did you start working as a professional iconographer ?2022-02-09T15:39:35+00:00

I’ve been working as a professional iconographer and serve the Tradition of the Sacred art of byzantine Orthodox iconography since 1970.

How many churches have you worked in ?2022-02-09T15:42:10+00:00

As a professional iconographer, throughout the years of my career, I’ve been working in more than 50 churches in Greece and USA, either in some parts or as a whole project.

What style of iconography do you follow ?2022-02-09T15:42:50+00:00

Our artwork is based in the Macedonian school (13th – 14th Century). The main representatives of that school were Manuel Panselinos and Michael Astrapas, so that’s why our work is mostly characterized by it’s specific color, along with bright tone & grandiose composition. The faces and clothes are widely illuminated with inner spiritual light, drawn always strictly according to Tradition.

Do you use the same designs in every church ?2022-02-09T15:46:44+00:00

Our work is entirely made by freehand and always is original in it’s design. Although each Church is unique and has it’s own design, shape and size, you won’t find the same themes and drawings anywhere else.

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