The way of our work

The Icons that “by divine economy” we create, are always in accordance with the Byzantine iconography Tradition. We try to paint unique designs, because we know that countless believers will deposit their prayers and their distresses.

Our artwork is based in the Macedonian school (13th – 14th Century). The main representatives of that school were Manuel Panselinos and Michael Astrapas, so that’s why our work is mostly characterized by it’s specific color, along with bright tone & grandiose composition. The faces and clothes are widely illuminated with inner spiritual light, drawn always strictly according to Tradition.

The materials we use are mineral powders, mixed with an acrylic adhesive on a cotton canvas of the finest quality and prepared by us. In our workshop, we carefully study all of the aspects of the project at hand and areas that will be painted, in order to perfectly fit to the required dimensions. The final finishing touches are done locally, based on the architecture and the Church’s illumination.

Why to choose us

  • We have the quality and expertise gained over 56 years in byzantine iconography.
  • We serve and honor the Tradition of the Sacred art of byzantine Orthodox iconography
  • Our work is entirely made by freehand and always is original in it’s design, you won’t find the same themes and drawings anywhere else.
  • We use lively colors and create special shades that suit the lighting of any Church and are resting it’s flock.
  • The iconography is made exclusively by hand, entirely by us.
  • We abide by the agreement we do with you in full.
  • We are always on time in church and finish the job that you assigned us before the agreed delivery date.
  • Our price list is very good and we can be quite flexible in them.
  • We don’t see you as clients, but as friends.

55+ Years of Experience

3900+ Succesful Projects

60 Churches iconographed

2000+ Brushes Used

62000+ m2 of canvas used

2600+ Flight Hours spend

Faith and Tradition are the pillars that our work is based on

– Dimitrios Mourlas

Project Completion Stages

Each project is unique in it’s own way. In Icons Art we meticulously organize every stage of the planning process, aiming to deliver on time and with the highest quality, always according to Tradition.