Dimitrios Mourlas

Expert Iconographer and Team Leader

I was born in 1950, in Nikaia, Piraeus. Growing up, I realized that I’m inclined towards art. Having a true passion about it, began my journey into the Sacred art of Byzantine Iconography by taking my first art lessons in 1963, in the workshop of painter and iconographer Stamatis Papastamatiou. Continuously evolving, I became a professional iconographer.

In 1980, along with other respective fellow iconographers, we founded the Panhellenic Iconographers Association, having an active role in it’s creation and establishment, fighting for the rights of professional iconographers in Greece. For my contribution and dedication to the Association, I was honored to be elected by my colleagues in various positions.

  • 1980 – 1987 : Member of the Association’s Directive Board
  • 1988 – 2000 : General Secretary of the Board
  • 2000 – 2004 : President of the Association
  • 2004 – 2008 : General Secretary of the Board
  • 2008 – 2012 : Vice President of the Association
  • 2012 – 2013 : President of the Association

Since then, I continue to be an active member of the Association, while been elected in the Association’s Directive Board as a member since 2016.

Participation in events and other activities

  • As a professional iconographer, throughout the years of my career, I’ve participated in various events and many exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. Other activities also include :
    • been a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, from 1996 till today.
    • been a member of the Tax Office of the 4th department of decorative Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and member of the primary judgment committee, from 1996 till 2000.
    • Director of Studies and art teacher at the School of Icon painting of Metropolis N. Ionia and Philadelphia “The Evangelist Luke”, from 1997 till 2012.
    • honored by Panhellenic Iconographers Association, for my offer to the Association with commemorative plaque.
    • Participated in various ClergyLaityAssembly events, as an Exhibitor, since 2006.

Churches iconographed

Working as a professional iconographer, since 1970, I’ve completed various projects in many churches and private churches in Greece, USA, Canada, South America, England and Jordan.

Churches in USA & South America
  • Saint Demetrios Church, Chicago, IL
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Ohio
  • Saints Konstantine & Helen Church, Indiana
  • Saint Nektarios Church, Palatine, Chicago, IL
  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Modesto, CA
  • Saint Nicholas Church, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Saint Spyridon’s Hellenic Orthodox Church, Palos Heights, IL
  • Saint George Church, Aurora, Chicago, IL
  • Saint Stefanos Church, Tampa, FL
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Caracas – Venezuela
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Panama City – Panama
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior, Rye, NY
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Orlando, FL
  • Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, Long Beach, CA
Churches in Greece
  • Saint Nektarios Church, Neo Irakleio – Athens
  • Saint Spiridon Church, Nea Ionia – Athens
  • Saint Konstantine & Helen Church, Nea Ionia – Athens
  • Saint Andreas Church, Oropos
  • Assumption Of Mary Church, Pallini – Athens
  • Saint Catherine’s Church, Pallini – Athens
  • Saint Irini’s Church, Xanthi
  • Church of the Pentecost, Xanthi
  • Church of Virgin Mary’s Birth, Nikaia – Athens
  • Holy Trinity’s Church, Ekali – Athens
  • Saint Demetrios Church, Petroupoli – Athens
  • Rise of the Holy Cross Church, Athens

Roula Degaiti

Professional iconographer, Co-worker of Dimitrios Mourlas since 1997

I was born in Athens. I attended freehand drawing lessons at the Painting Workshop of painter N. Christoforakis. In 1997 I began my professional involvement with the Sacred Art of Byzantine Hagiography, taught by the iconographer Dimitrios Mourlas. I worked with him to paint many churches in Greece and the United States of America.

Painting of the Holy Temples in collaboration with Dimitris Mourlas:

• 1999 Saint Constantine & Saint Helen Church,New Ionia, Attica,Greece
• 1999 Saint Spyridon Church, New Ionia,Attica,Greece
• 2005 The Holy Trinity Church of Ekali, Athens,Greece
• 2005 Saint Nicholaos Greek Orthodox Church Atlantic City, USA
• 2006 Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Modesto California, USA
• 2011 Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior, Rye New York, USA
• 2013 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando, Florida, USA
• 2016 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church Long Beach, California, USA
• 2016 Live-Giving Spring(Zoodochos Pigi)Church,Amarousion, Athens,Greece


• 2000-2001 – Chapel of the Holy Temple of Saint Spyridon,New Ionia,Attica,Greece
• 2002-2004 – Entry of the Virgin Mary Church Paleokatounos,Arta,Greece
• 2003-2006 – Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church,Terpna,Arta,Greece
• 2003 – St.Paraskevi Church, Kato Kalentin, Arta, Greece
• 2005-2008 Saint Gerasimos & Saint Arsenios Chapel,New Ionia, Attica,Greece
• 2007 – Mr.Papandreou’s Saint Dimitrios private church,Loutraki,Greece
• 2008 – Saints Raphael-Nikolaos-Irini Chapel,N. Heraklion, Attica,Greece
• 2008 – Saint John of Theologian Cemetery Church,Clenny, Corinth,Greece
• 2009 – Mrs Zoe Polizogopoulou’s Saint Theodorous Private Church,Marousi,Attica,Greece
• 2019 – Saint Kosmas of Aitolos Chapel,New Ionia,Attica,Greece


Group iconography exhibitions:

• 1998 Municipality of Athens of the Panhellenic Association of Iconographers
• 1998 Peace & Friendship Stadium,Piraeus,Greece
• 1999 Municipality of Heraklion Attica “Villa Stella”, where for my contribution to culture, I received “Women’s Day”,Greece
• 1999/2000 Municipality of Karya Lefkada,Greece
• 2001 Municipality of Preveza,Greece
• 2002/2003 Municipality of Heraklion “Cultural Multicenter”,Attica,Greece
• 2003 “Icon Art” Holy Session,Athens,Greece
• 2007 Gazi Technopolis of the Panhellenic Association of Iconographers,Athens,Greece
• 2008 Gordon Gallery, Ireland
• 2012 – Panetolio – Municipal Gallery of New Ionia, Panhellenic Association of Iconographers,Athens,Greece
• 2016 Exhibition of Byzantine Icons and Religious Art on “Colors and Taste”.Holy Metropolis of Dimitriados New Ionia, Volos,Greece
• 2018 The 44th Clergy-Laity Biennial at Metropolis of Boston,USA


• 2002: Iconography lessons for students of the 6th elementary school of New Heraklion Attica,Greece
• 1999-2013: Iconography lessons at the School of Byzantine Iconography of the Holy Metropolis of New Ionia – Philadelphia “Luke the Evangelist”,Athens,Greece


• Member of the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts since 2001
• Member of the Panhellenic Association of Iconographers